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Hon Idris Jala, Minister without Portfolio in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department and CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) – unit monitoring for implementation of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) initiative makes a presentation  at the start of a two-day workshop on Tanzania’s implementation, monitoring and evaluation framework of National development plans and programs in Dododma on Friday.

Malaysia has assumed the appearance of developed country and the vision for its development was enunciated, stage by stage. Although Malaysia vision might not suitable for all country. But most Malaysian proved that there were element which might be adopted by all who wished to become developed nation.

We all believed the biggest reason for African government is the failure of the government to look after the need of the people. That is how the government of Tanzania has vision in the development of Nation. This has been known as National Strategy growth and Poverty Reduction. In Malaysia, the greatest need was for jobs, for getting a steady income to support a decent life and they transformed from agriculture to industry. This was because the agriculture did not create enough jobs, but industry did it. When you ask every Malaysian, this it could be the theme, “one hectare of land for agriculture may support one person but it can house a factory of 500 workers”.

That was why Malaysia opted for labor intensive industries once land was no longer available of cultivation. This idea might be difficult to many African countries to believe. We believed in order to be a developed country , the country must have a good infrastructure, an educated and well- trained work force, a large middle class and good technological and industries capacities. The quality of work must improve all the time and aimed at achievements of world standards as benefitting a developed country.

On other hand, any poor country, the development process would take time and vision must be the capacity of the country at any particular period. Most of African leader should know that , the role of a leader was crucial to the success of a vision because without his passion and drive,  even though the country had the means and potential to grow, it would not grow. That why Tanzanian President and others have vision for development is essential, but they understand that there must also be adequate knowledge of how it needed to be implemented for the country to be developed.

Citing China as an example, Mao Tse Tung’s successor, Deng xiao Peng although a communist was a pragmatist and wanted China to develop, making the country what it is today. It is the second biggest economy in the world as compared to 20 years ago when it was a third world country.  Clearly, the leader of a nation plays a very crucial role in the country development . His decision, as how the country should be developed, is of critical importance.

He must have passion for it. He must personally direct the implementation of his vision. He must combined most of his knowledge and skills, plus his cabinet to apply those policies to action( reality ). He should know who is in and out of development process. The leader needed to go on the ground to oversee work being done, to overcome obstacles and constraints and to make sure the projects were properly implemented as visit by the head of government at the site of construction motivated implemented at all levels. The role of responsibility and accountability and love to his nation. His ministers must also be hand on.

At this time, when we look at Malaysia, it is the Malaysia’s persistent drive to develop and upgrade its infrastructure has resulted in one of the most well developed infrastructure among the newly industrializing countries of Asia. The greatest advantage to business in Malaysia has been the nation’s persistent drive to develop and upgrade its infrastructure. Over the years, these investment in electricity, water and infrastructure have paid off and Malaysia now has one of the most well developed in the Asia.

However, Our nation needs a commodity of direction between the president and his cabinet ( ministers) and more concrete and focused investment to achieve the sustainability objectives. In doing this we can build on what we believed of being a developing nation. While, a very complex infrastructure is in place, it needs to be streamlined and strengthened to become more effective. Furthermore, a sustainable future need to be founded upon a strong judiciary system. The full participation of all stakeholders within a frame work of justice, governance and rule of law is needed for any strategy for sustainability to be successful.

Malaysian’s success at overcoming some of their many challenges to date is a tribute to the resolve and determination of the leader in decision of renew policies.

This is how President  Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was addressing at the opening of a special cabinet retreat on transformation of government Delivery system on 4th August 2012, Dodoma (CLICK HERE), he said, “With regard to Malaysia, her story is even more fascinating. The country has been transformed incredibly from a commodity-based economy focusing on rubber and tin at independence in 1957 to one of the world’s largest producer of electronics and electronically products. They make cars and military hardware including submarines.” In this seminar President invited the Malaysia government officials to come and explain their story of success and for  our nation to learn  from their good examples.
Last, in this seminar, the president completed his speech by saying, ” Perhaps this seminar is a good starting  point that will enable us to develop a forceful follow up mechanism.

“I therefore implore all of you here to be attentive throughout the seminar and learn the new tested approaches of delivering high quality service to citizens and develop a nation”. He added.

Thanks for giving me a chance and reading

God bless Tanzania
 Yacob   Kinyemi
Washington DC

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  1. Robert kalulu

    August 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    I think we are good in words than in actions!we have good plans and strategies but its implementations is a problem.Even if we will do economic diversification but without our leaders to be accountable(good gorvenance) we will never progress.On the other hand,i think we should better start the market for selling our policies to other developing countries may be they can be benefited with it,because we are good policy makers.Just oppinions!


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