Currently I am very privileged to have the role of leading Philips Healthcare and their partners PHILIPSMokasi Medical Systems operations in Tanzania as their CEO and Market Leader.

Mokasi Medical Systems is the Tanzanian leader in delivering medical systems and professional    mokasi
support to hospitals and clinics around the country. The company’s products, derived from the
global medical systems giant Philips Medical Systems, enable hospitals to deliver state-of-the-art
treatment to patients by providing its medical practitioners with advanced tools for imaging and
diagnostics. Mokasi Medical Systems has been at the forefront in revolutionizing the Tanzanian
healthcare industry and continues to take huge steps towards making Tanzania’s healthcare a
world class system.


45/46 Chimara Road.
Palm Residency Building (opposite Ocean Road Cancer Institute)
P.O. Box 1778
Dar es Salaam.

TEL: +255 22 2924103/4, +255 784 665274
Fax: +255 22 2924106


One response to “CURRENT EMPLOYER

  1. william jumanne

    June 5, 2015 at 8:30 pm

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