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JK lists NMB Bank among success stories‏

JK lists NMB Bank among success stories‏
president Jakaya Kikwete with NMB Staff at the Launching Ceremony

president Jakaya Kikwete with NMB Staff at the Launching Ceremony

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete has inaugurated 65 million US dollars (140bn/-) worth state-of-the-art National Microfinance Bank (NMB) building and pledged continued government support to the bank’s efforts to promote financial inclusion.

The modern building with capacity to accommodate over 1000 staff, modern rooms, canteen to cater for all staff and modern private bank proves the solidity and sustainability of the bank.

With the widest network of more than 170 branches and over 600 ATMs as well as 95 per cent coverage of all districts.

“NMB Bank is one of the successful and model of privatisation stories. It pays dividends as well as various taxes to the government,” President Kikwete said in Dar es Salaam at the weekend while pointing finger to other public institutions are still depending on government subsidy.

He said NMB success as the best and most profitable Tanzanian bank followed a transformation process done during his 10 years term in office.

Government has 30 per cent stake in the bank and 20 per cent is owned by Tanzanians through the Dar bourse.

He urged the bank to continue promoting financial inclusion to reach more the financially under-served population.

Tanzania is the global leader in providing mobile money banking.

“When I became president 10 years ago, NMB was a very small bank and was referred as the proletariat bank, but today it is the biggest bank in the country with the widest network, the most profitable and sustainable bank. I am very proud of you,” he said.

Also Mr Kikwete launched a modern private banking located at the new head office powered by four teller cubicles and two ATM machines. It is the third after NMB Bunge Dodoma and NMB Oyster plaza branch in Masaki.

Most of the money spent in constructing the seven storey building was paid to local contractors with few foreign contractors.

Rais Jakaya Kikwete akikata utepe kufungua jengo la makao makuu ya NMB jijini Dar es Salaam.
The NMB Bank Managing Director, Ms Ineke Bussemaker, said the new head office reflects the priorities of the bank as it complies with all standards set by the bank.

“The building is a symbol of what NMB can achieve together, it consumes spacious working area, modern and stylish features with high end finishing, high safety detectors and fire systems with number of meeting rooms for staff, customers and visitors, semi-industrial kitchen,” she said.

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NMB gets $35 Syndicated Loan for SMEs and Corporates

NMB CEO, Ms. Ineke Bussemaker

NMB CEO, Ms. Ineke Bussemaker

THE National Microfinance Bank has closed a six-year 35 million US dollar (about 73.5bn/-) syndicated loan facility with Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) to boost its lending to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate borrowers.

According to a statement issued yesterday, the loan was arranged by FMO, in syndication with Proparco, a subsidiary of the Agence Francaise de Developement (AFD) which will provide 15 million US dollars and Swedfund 5 million US dollars.

“By supporting NMB Tanzania, we will contribute to providing credit to SMEs and Corporates in Tanzania, supporting economic development,” FMO’s Chief Investment Officer, Linda Broekhuizen is quoted as saying.

“NMB is a leading financial institution in Tanzania, which performs well and has a presence in most of its regions. The lenders are therefore very pleased to be part of this transaction.”

NMB Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ineke Bussemaker said they were pleased with the deal as it would boost their growth in SMEs and corporate business with a special focus in agribusiness.

“We are pleased with the positive response of the international lenders to this transaction. This is the second time we have entered into a transaction with FMO, this time supported by Proparco and Swedfund. Again the loan will be used to accelerate our growth in SME and Corporate business, this time special focus on Agribusiness,” she is quoted as saying in the statement.

“This partnership reflects the international financial institutions’ confidence in NMB’s solid fundamentals — strong capital levels, well diversified loan portfolio and quality assets, and strong balance sheet with sustainable growth.”

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) listed bank, is one of the largest commercial banks in Tanzania, providing banking services to individuals, small to medium sized corporate clients, government services, large businesses and agriculture lending.

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Ecobank Kuendelea Kuikopesha NHC Ijenge Nyumba

BENKI ya Ecobank imeahidi kuendelea kulikopesha zaidi Shirika la Nyumba la Taifa  (NHC), katika mradi wa kujenga nyumba na kukopesha ili kuhakikisha Watanzania  wengi wanapata nyumba bora na za bei nafuu.

Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Nyumba la Taifa (NHC), Nehemia Mchechu.

Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa benki hiyo, James  Cantamantu-Koomson, ametoa ahadi hiyo wakati baada ya hafla  iliyoandaliwa na NHC kwa ajili ya kutiliana saini mkataba wa mkopo na taasisi  tisa za fedha juzi jijini Dar es Salaam.

Katika hafla hiyo, Ecobank ilisaini kutoa mkopo wa Sh bilioni 2.1 na imeahidi  kuwa itaongeza kiasi kingine cha fedha siku zijazo ili kufanikisha mradi huo  wenye manufaa kwa wananchi.

Mkurugenzi huyo alisema Ecobank inawajali Watanzania na imeahidi kuunga mkono  kwa dhati mpango huo wa NHC ili kuwakomboa Watanzania wengi ambao hawana makazi  bora kutokana na kipato kidogo.

“Sisi Ecobank mradi kama huu si mgeni kwetu, tunajali na kuthamini sana  masuala ya makazi, karibu nchi zote 30 tunazofanya kazi zetu tunashiriki miradi  kama hii, kuwapa wananchi nyumba bora ni jambo la muhimu sana,” alisema.

Ndugu Cantamantu-Koomson alisema ingawa benki hiyo ina miaka miwili tu tangu ianze kutoa huduma zake  nchini, imejitahidi kutoa huduma zinazokidhi mahitaji ya Watanzania na kushiriki  katika shughuli mbalimbali za kijamii.

Mwishoni mwa mwaka 2011, NHC ilipewa kibali na Serikali kukopa kwenye taasisi  za fedha za ndani na nje ya nchi ili kuendeleza miradi ya ujenzi

Kwa ujumla Shirika la Nyumba la Taifa (NHC) limesaini mikataba ya mkopo wa Sh bilioni 165 kutoka kwa taasisi nyinginezo  tisa za fedha kwa ajili ya kuendeleza ujenzi wa miradi ya ujenzi wa nyumba pamoja na ununuzi wa ardhi ya akiba.

Taasisi za fedha zilizotoa  mkopo huo pamoja na kiwango walichotoa kwenye mabano ni pamoja na CRDB (Sh bilioni 35), ECO Bank (Sh bilioni 2.1), TIB (Sh bilioni 22), BancABC  (Sh bilioni 4.2), NMB (Sh bilioni 26), CBA (Sh bilioni 24), LAPF (Sh bilioni  15), Azania (Sh bilioni saba) na Shelter Afrique (Sh bilioni 23).

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